Team | اردو

Musharraf Ali Farooqi, Founder and CEO

Musharraf Ali Farooqi is a novelist, scholar, and translator, with an interest in folklore and classical texts. He is a Harvard University South Asia Institute fellow. Farooqi is the founder and editor of the Urdu Thesaurus. He is the author of English translation of classical Urdu texts, Dastan-e Amir Hamza (The Adventures of Amir Hamza), and Tilism-e Hoshruba (Hoshruba: The Land and the Tilism, Vol 1).  Email:

Michelle Farooqi, Art Director

Michelle Farooqi is a visual artist who studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Canada. Later, in search of more traditional art instruction, Michelle joined the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, where she learned 18th century drawing and painting techniques, and acquired expertise in the fields of portraiture, figurative painting and still life, with oil paints, charcoal and graphite. She later worked in soft pastels and oil pastels. She studied Mughal miniature painting and illumination at Hast-o-Neest in Lahore and teaches drawing there. She has had three exhibitions in Pakistan at ArtChowk and Alhamra.