FREE Net Safety Storytelling Sessions

Storykit develops children's engagement with books through interactive storytelling and games. We also provide training and certification for teachers and students in interactive storytelling and net safety.
1n 2021 We successfully localised Google's Be Internet Awesome program on internet safety and piloted the program in 5 schools in Pakistan.
In collaboration with Google Foundation, Storykit is conducting storytelling sessions on internet sa
fety for children in grades 3-8 from underserved schools *

In this FREE, 1-hour storytelling session, the participants will receive:
a. An Interactive storytelling session by a Storykit storyteller on internet safety, in which they will learn basic principles of internet safety.
A storykit containing 5 stories, and a board game on internet safety.
A quiz on internet safety principles.

* Due to limited
number of sessions available for the program, Storykit reserves the right to choose the schools best suited for the program and its decision will be final.
* Storykit reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any
storyteling session(s) without assigning any reason.