The Little Prince

The Little Prince by renowned French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, one of the bestselling and most translated book ever published, is about the experience of growing up and how children see things differently from adults. It is also about adventures, the experience of friendships, and taking care of those whom we love.

This book is an international classic, beloved by children and adults alike. Timsal Masud did a wonderful translation of The Little Prince into Urdu titled چھوٹا شہزادہ from which we have developed an abrdiged version, as storykit presented here. The storykit includes a board game, audio of the abridged story, and a book of exercises for children to engage with the story and its characters.

In collaboration with the Embassy of France in Pakistan, Storykit is conducting complimentary storytelling sessions for 1,000 school children in Pakistan, where children will listen to the story of the Little Prince, receive a free storykit, and play the board game based on the story.

The Little Prince-Workbook-Urdu.pdf