FREE Internet Safety Workshop for Females aged 15-29

Storykit develops children's engagement with books through interactive storytelling and games. We also provide training and certification for teachers and students in interactive storytelling and net safety.
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1 We successfully localised Google's Be Internet Awesome program on internet safety and piloted the program in 5 schools in Pakistan.
In collaboration with Google Foundation, Storykit is conducting storytelling and internet safety workshops for female school teachers aged 15-29 from underserved schools who are able to use a smart phone or computer.*

In this FREE, 3-hour workshop, the participants will receive:
a. Basic training by a Storykit expert in Interactive storytelling through the Memorize, Connect, Improvise (MCI) method of interactive storytelling developed by Storykit and successfully piloted by UNESCO.
b. Basic training in using stories and games to teach internet safety principles to school children.
c. Stories and game on internet safety to teach school children.
A certificate for completing the Internet Safety and Media Literacy course.*

* The participants are required to hold ONE storytelling session on internet safety at
a school before they receive the certificate.
* Due to limited seats available for th
e program, Storykit reserves the right to choose the candidates best suited for the program and its decision will be final.
* Storykit reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any training session(s) without assigning any reason.