Corona Cruncher / کورونا کش

An online game to teach Covid prevention

کووڈ سے تحفّظ سکھانے کا آن لائن کھیل

Sponsor Profile

Interloop Limited, one of the World’s largest Hosiery manufacturers, is Pakistan’s 6th major exporting firm, and the largest listed Textile Company on Pakistan Stock Exchange by market capitalization. It is a multi-category supplier of Hosiery Products and Denim, Knitwear & Seamless Active-wear Apparel, to top international brands and retailers. Employing 21,000 people from 15 different nationalities, it enjoys an organizational network spread across 3 continents. Interloop Holdings is an associated company having diversified businesses through subsidiaries including Dairies, Dairy Products, Packaging, Logistics and Health Services.

Interloop is a Business for Purpose! Focused on People, Planet & Prosperity, our Mission and reason for existence is to bring about a Positive Change in the community. Our ambition to Transform Lives & Improve Wellbeing is reflected in our business practices and social responsibility initiatives focused on Education, Healthcare, Sports, Literary Activities & Disaster Relief.

Corona Cruncher / کورونا کش

A board game to teach Covid prevention

کووڈ سے تحفّظ سکھانے کا کھیل


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