Give A Child the Gift of A Story is an inclusive program suitable for children of all learning abilities that introduces them to the joy of storytelling and books. It has been tested by UNESCO to improve children’s reading ability, as well as their confidence and communication skills.


What do children get out of the sponsored Storykit sessions?

Each child in the sponsored session participates in a storytelling session, and receives a storykit which contains a picture book, a game, and the online audio link for the story.

How many sponsored sessions have been held so far?

Storykit has conducted 50 sessions for 1,250 children in underprivileged schools under this program with the help of individual sponsors. We wish to further extend the reach of this popular program across Pakistan and invite you to join hands with us.

Where can one see the Give A Child the Gift of A Story sessions?

These sessions can be viewed at the Storykit channel.

What kind of sponsorship packages are available?

Packages are available for both individuals and institutional sponsors.

What age group is the Storykit Program for?

It is aimed at children between the ages of 4 to 12.

What stories are used in the Storykit Program?

The Storykit Program uses folktales and other stories retold for children in simple Urdu.

How does the sponsor receive verification of the sponsored STORYKIT event?

The sponsor receives the following information after the sponsored event has been conducted:

· Venue and date of the event

· Receipt of storykits distributed

· 1-2 min video of the activity with the sponsor’s name on the Storykit channel.

Can we choose the school(s) to sponsor? And what if I do not know which school to sponsor?

You can choose the school you wish to sponsor or the Storykit team will help you choose a suitable one.

Can we sponsor a school on an ongoing basis?

Yes. We offer packages to continue the program at schools for the whole year with monthly storytelling sessions held throughout the academic year.

Can we donate storykits to schools or libraries?

Yes. You can tell us the quantity of storykits you wish to donate and we will send you information about suitable packages.

Has Storykit been adopted by any private schools?

Yes. We are currently running this program in seven cities and 14 school branches of Roots Millennium School and Lahore Grammar School systems.

How can we receive more information about the Storykit sponsored events?

Kindly check our sponsorship packages for individuals and institutional sponsors. For media coverage please visit our media page.